C-Heads #37 - A Love Affair

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This issue we dedicate to passion. The passion and love for what you do. The sort of passion that once it enters your life, you can‘t relinquish. It catches you, and like a wave, carries you up and down, impels you, and guides you to countless opportunities, endless like the vast ocean. Who knows where it carries you?

Devoting your time with heart and soul to something you love can unveil elusive energy, undreamt possibilities.

Contents: Exclusive Interview, Editorials, Poems and Essays:

Sandra Dangers by Markus Henttonen, Norman Parkinson, Rocio López by Mario Lomas, Eliya by Jordan Larz, Amberly Valentine, Anita Millonig, Klara by Emanuel A. Klempa, Lea Hermann by Fabian Zelinsky, Winny Nzeyimana by D. Kelly Rosa, Amelie Kammel, Chiara Christmann, & Michelle Gerndt by Markus Wachter, Taya by Mariona Vilarós, Tauany Coelho by Ray Litsala, Nara Jackson by Roxana Neacsu, Lucy Bluma by Oliver Sutton, Sarah Bahbah, Lisa-Marie Bosbach by Marcel Boer, Sans Soucis, Karolina Dlha by Viktor Cicko, Shristi Jaiswal, Romi Koren by Yoad Shejtman, Ashleigh Holmes, Madison Flowers by Clay Fields, Elena Breuer.

  • Limited Edition – 1000 copies
  • 196 pages
  • 21.8 cm x 27.6 cm 1,3 cm