Boy Brother Friend #7 - Dream

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Boy Brother Friend #7 - Dream

Issue 7 explores the concept of Dream. As violence and war threaten to fragment our world into recalcitrant differences, the issue insists on the strength and resilience of new ideas and art that will help us collectively make sense of the past and remake our world for the better. Issue 7 unfolds into four chapters: ‘Déjà Vu’, ‘A Real Thing’, ‘Existing in Memory’ and ‘Dreaming Community’.

Boy.Brother.Friend might be primarily London-based, but our essence is global.
In the time between the last issue and this new one, we have come across more people with pressing stories. This includes the Afro- Palestinian experience, in which Palestinian writer Ahmad Harhash sheds light on the prejudiced policing of young Afro-Palestinians, and the frequent raids that afflict the minority communities there. As Ahmad reveals, it is not very uncommon for Afro-Palestinian teenagers
as young as 14 to have encounters with the police that end in arrest. But upon closer
inspection, the marginalisation, incarceration, and lack of opportunities are common threads in the collective Black experience on a global scale. In a personal conversation, one of the members of the BBF crew mentioned that documenting Afro-Palestinians is a really important task, as he had never known that
there were Black Palestinians prior to interacting with the story. This narrative felt especially urgent to share, chiming perfectly with the resilience theme and adding questions to the discourse in order to encourage pragmatismand progress.