Blume #1

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Blume is a photography platform focusing on the relationship between peopleplace and space.

Blume began as a platform to showcase considered photography and visual storytelling‭. ‬Where Issue 000‭ ‬piloted our collaborative‭ ‬and sustainable approach‭, ‬Issue 001‭ ‬aims to extend our editorial reach‭. ‬Building on the desire for more collaborative autonomy within the visual arts‭, ‬it remains important to us to give photographers an opportunity to contribute to the editing and publishing of their work‭. ‬This process of close communication allows for productive and unexpected conversations‭, ‬which we feel leads to‭ ‬thoughtful and stimulating edits‭. ‬For this issue‭, ‬we sought to curate a series of projects that simultaneously uncover and examine the relationship between people‭, ‬place and space in a global context‭. ‬We have chosen photographers with a personal connection to their projects‭, ‬because we believe this strengthens authorship and reinforces authentic visual storytelling‭.‬

Throughout the editorial process‭, ‬another aim has been to portray the diverse local-global state of our world‭. ‬We find that featuring different styles and methodologies‭, ‬together‭, ‬works to accentuate the common threads found throughout everyday life‭. ‬This‭ ‬approach reveals a spectrum of perspectives‭, ‬while also highlighting interrelated narratives in both purposeful and unanticipated ways‭. ‬It is through this process that we hope to contribute to an enhanced collective understanding of our chaotic‭, ‬ever-changing world‭.‬

 Featuring contributions from:

  • Tamuna Chkareuli
  • Hosam Katan
  • Saad Eltinay
  • Ashfika Rahman
  • Janice Chung
  • Sam Elstub