Athleta #7

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Imagery of Sporting Culture


"Muscles and thoughts, quick and endless journeys, sports poems. Athleta is here again, with a brand new look and the usual desire to penetrate the imagery of sporting culture. The cover signed by Neil Gavin introduces Athleta Magazine Issue 07 and the New York 'Stomping Grounds', urban cathedrals consumed by hands and muscle-ups. The same hands that embrace the Basque boulders of Harri Jasotzea: a tradition that merges, an ocean away, with the divers of Acapulco, 'Los Clavadistas'. From history to history, from tradition to tradition. The feeble levers of the Kenyan runners of 'Home of Champions' move as fast as the ruined metal sheets of the Demolition Derbies, messy sanctuaries where rural America finds its paradise. The ‘Atlas Race’ is another rural paradise, an exterior and interior journey through the evocative Moroccan desert: a sensory itinerary recreated, thanks to the artistic power of skateboards and basketball, in the urban slides of 'Riding the Floating City' and 'Ballin Somewhere'. Issue 07 also takes a leap into the future, into the engineering marvel of Rizoma, the atelier of motors, the place that combines high-tech and elegance. Enjoy the ride."

Editor: Giovanni Gallio

Photo Editor: Sara Capovilla

Graphics: Alessandra Pavan

Text Editor: Gianmarco Pacione

Translation: Scott Alan Stuart

Managing Partner: Massimo Menegazzi

Web and Social: Alessia Renatini, Riccardo Romani

CONTRIBUTORS ISSUE 07: Anne-Sophie Soudoplatoff, Benjamin Kumpf, Camillo Pasquarelli, Claudia Bigongiari, Francesco Merlini, Gianmarco Pacione, Joseph Fox, Michela Locci, Nadia Moro, Laura Stella Motta, Neil Gavin, Oliver Cable, Riccardo Romani, RiseUp Duo.

  • 156 pages 
  • printed on uncoated paper 
  • dimensions 210mm x 270mm 
  • texts in English and Italian