Antidote #22

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Entirely biodegradable, this box brings together four publications: Antidote Magazine, Antidote Curates, Antidote Fanzine and Antidote Newspaper.

Antidote Magazine
The spring-summer 2022 "Persona" issue explores the themes of the social mask, personal metamorphosis and the construction of identity through interviews with the sulphurous director Gaspar Noé, the pop singer Charli XCX or even the iconic Bambi, former star of Parisian cabarets and pioneering trans woman. These interviews are accompanied by photographs of the British Betsy Johnson, as well as an investigation into the little-known dissociative identity disorder, or even articles on the psycho-sociological implications of fashion and on the conquest of metaverse by this industry.

Antidote Curates
This new edition of Antidote Curates brings together snapshots of the instinctive, corrosive and poetic work of Georgian artist Shalva Nikvashvili. Halfway between the intimate and the political, it brings together different avatars of a hybrid genre, echoing many contemporary issues, from the oppression of queer communities to the integration of migrants into Western societies, passing through the dependence on social networks and the digitalized narcissism they fuel. Shalva Nikvashvili's life, strewn with trials, is sublimated in a cathartic and multidisciplinary gesture, mixing self-portraits, sculptures, drawings, poems or even performances.

Antidote Fanzine
This fanzine dedicated to Burberry brings together artists, DJs, singers, authors, performers, actors and models who contribute to defining the Zeitgeist through their journeys, their messages and the independence of mind they demonstrate on a daily basis. These talents posed in front of the lens of photographers Tom Blesch and Yann Weber, dressed in pieces from the brand's spring-summer 2022 collection. Their portraits are also accompanied by a text deciphering the reinterpretation of the emblematic codes of the British house by the Italian designer, named chief creative officer of Burberry in 2018.

Antidote Newspaper
This new edition of Antidote Newspaper includes an English translation of the interviews and articles contained in the magazine "Persona", as well as a fashion series by photographer Anthony Arquier with actor Théo Christine, a new promise of French cinema revealed in particular by his interpretation of JoeyStarr in the film Suprêmes, by Audrey Estrougo.