LogoArchive - Logo Histories #1

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"LogoArchive returns with Logo Histories, a new series dedicated to the stories, ideas and contexts behind some of the best modernist logos of the past. In each issue you'll come to understand the concepts behind the logos and some of the considerations and contexts that gave shape to these.

In Volume 1: Hoogovens, Post Office (Proposals), Fuji Bank, Olympic Games, Golden Gate Transit, Herman Miller, British Rail (Proposals), Sildamin, Beekman Downtown Hospital and Lucas Industries."

  • Format: Booklet
  • Pages: 18pp
  • Paper: Curious translucent Nude & Gmund Blocker
  • Print: Indigo Black
  • Finish: Gmund Gold Sticker

"The principle visual language of this issue is layers, of going a bit deeper to discover something of the ideas and considerations that gave shape to modernist logos of the past. As LogoArchive's Logo Histories is more stories than symbols, the cover integrates the first story right into the cover, two layers below the article titles. Between the cover and the first text, a logo grid furthers the theme of layers and going deeper, revealing the foundational principles two of logos, Hoogovens and Lucas Industries. To emphasise this visual language contrast is used. The interior pages are composed from Blocker, a paper that, while only 80gsm, is specifically created to reduce show-through. The transparent is juxtaposed alongside the opaque."

About LogoArchive:

"LogoArchive began as an Instagram account in 2015, documenting the striking and compelling forms of modernist mid-century logos. In 2019 this was developed into a series of collectable zines and collaborative issues. The LogoArchive shop grew out of this. As a research heavy initiative LogoArchive developed a large library of logo and broader design-related publications from the past, many of which are out-of-print and hard to find. To support this ongoing project, the LogoArchive Shop was expanded to offer some of these publications for sale, and archives many more for those curious to find out about design books and magazines from the past.

LogoArchive is run by Richard Baird and is supported by a growing list of collaborators and researchers who are engaged in the largest logo archival programme to date."