Sneezies by Tobbs

“Sneezies are a shy and cuddly group of stuffed yetis. Up until now they have been extremely hard to find in their natural habitats, but now want to live a friendlier and more loving life inside your home!”

Manchester-based artist Tobbs is in the business of making cute, cuddly, collectable yetis known as Sneezies. Each toy is lovingly handcrafted by Tobbs; using a range of faux furs and needle-felted wool (to make their distinctive noses). They are hand stuffed with standard polyester stuffing which gives them their soft round shapes. Sneezies come in all sorts of different colours, sizes, and furry styles so no two toys look the same.

Each Sneezie comes with its own unique adoption certificate so that they can officially become part of your family. These shy and lovable stuffed yetis make fantastic friends to have around the house (for kids and grown-up kids alike!).

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