Luncheon #17 - Spring Summer 2024

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 Luncheon #17 - Spring Summer 2024

Table of Contents:

  • Photographs running through the issue of a garden in spring taken by Olivia Laing
  • Paolo Roversi and Erri de Luca in Naples
  • Frank Auerbach photographed in his studio by Snowdon
  • A polaroid of Shane MacGowan at dawn
  • England Through These Eyes, written by Pádraig Ó Meiscill, paintings by Tayseer Barakat
  • Elegies for the Angels of Silence by Tai Shani with artworks by Rosalind Nashashibi
  • Poems to the Sea II by Trinity Ellis
  • Works and Words by Enrico David
  • Lord Low of Dalston in conversation with Molly Lawson, photographs by Kuba Ryniewicz
  •  Lives and works by Lisa Brice
  • Mother Art and Polvo de Gallina Negra in conversation with Hettie Judah
  • Inspirations by Kazna Asker
  •  William Gedney: Kentucky 1972 by Reginald Moore, in conversation with Erinn Springer and Joshua Berg
  • Manolo Blahnik in Shoes and Words
  • Terra Em Trase photographed by Viviane Sassen, styled by George Krakowiak
  • Junya Watanabe collection photographed by Thue Nørgaard, styled by Robbie Spencer
  • Les Sculptures Soumbédioune photographed by Malick Bodian, styled by Louise Ford
  • Les Délicieuses photographed by Clémentine Schneidermann, styled by Ewa Kluczenko
  •  Shine on! by Sadie Coles
  • Trisha’s by Josefine Skomars, photographed by Jesse Laitinen
  • Six poems by Freya Morris
  • Afterthought by Tim Gutt and Shona Heath
  • The Yellow Bittern


About Luncheon:

LUNCHEON is an independent cultural magazine mixing art, fashion and food. Free spirited in its content this biannual magazine offers readers a generous feast for the eyes and the mind. The essence of conversations over lunch is at its core and each issue is constructed as if a menu. Over the lunch table, the magazine brings together different generations who share opinions, stories and memories, offering us an insight into their unique cultural contributions.